Termite Inspections

It is estimated that a wooden structure has a 70 percent chance of being attacked by termites within 10 to 20 years. Termites are a problem that many Arizona property owners will have to face at one time or another. The good news is, if you catch the infestation early, the chances of treating it quickly and easily are high.  AJF’s Inspection Team can give you that peace of mind.

The AJF Termite Inspection Advantage

  • All of our inspectors are licensed by the Department of Agriculture (formerly Office of Pest Management) and are required to complete six hours of continuing education each year.
  • Because AJF Engineering & Inspections performs a termite inspection at the same time as a property inspection, our inspectors are looking into areas that a termite-only inspector would not, resulting in a more thorough inspection.
  • Knowledge of construction is necessary to identify where termites are likely to enter the property and live.
  • Licensed Termite Inspectors can spot signs of termites not obvious to the untrained eye.
  • AJF Inspectors are 3rd party inspectors. We do not treat for termites, therefore, there is no conflict of interest.
  • Computer generated PDF inspection report can be emailed immediately to the buyers and escrow companies.

AJF’s Department of Agriculture license # is 8473.

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