Inspection Concerns

Common Concerns Identified By The Inspection


Improperly wired electrical receptacles (i.e., ungrounded, not ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected, reverse polarity).  Water damage at the eaves, fascia and soffits – often times due to roof leakage.

Pool & Spa Equipment

Pump leaks, pool/spa lights that do not illuminate, filter leaks, infloor cleaning system not functional, spa/pool heater not functional, etc.

Electrical System

Electrical issues are potential safety and fire hazards.   Examples include: aluminum wiring for homes constructed between 1965 and 1975, circuit breaker to wire size mismatch, improper wiring typically completed by the homeowner or handyman, etc.


Plumbing issues can cause significant and costly water damage to a home or commercial building.  For example, polybutylene and galvanized steel water supply piping increase the risk for plumbing leaks and should be disclosed to a prospective buyer.  Water heater leaks and water heater temperature pressure relief (TPR) issues are also hazardous conditions. Corroded and leaking pipes are another common concern.


Tile roofs are common in Arizona.  Examples of issues include: broken tiles, loose tiles, improper flashing at penetrations and roof transitions, water damage and stains due to roof leaks, and tile roofs that have reached the end of their useful life.

Cooling Systems

The extreme temperature in Arizona requires a functioning A/C system.  Examples of A/C issues are: dirty filters, dirty evaporator coils, dirty ducts, A/C that is not producing the proper cold air temperature, condensate leaks, improper secondary pan installation, ducts that are disconnected, kinked and restricted, etc.

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