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The Importance of a Quality Home Inspection

The Importance of a Quality Home Inspection

When selecting a home inspection company for your property, there are several cautions and reminders for you and your clients. Knowing a few key pieces of information about your inspector can reduce risk and liability, while increasing education and disclosure.     IMPORTANT CREDENTIALS TO LOOK FOR IN AN INSPECTOR: Insurance: Ask if the inspector has full E & […]

Cosmetic Item Explanation

Phoenix Home Inspector Bruce Stumbo shares a prime example of what ‘cosmetic’ items are, and what you won’t find in a report!

Faucet FYI

Valley Home Inspector Bruce Stumbo shows us how he checks a popular fixure- the faucet. Enjoy!

Taking it Outdoors for Spring

Valley Home Inspector Bruce Stumbo takes us outdoors during a Spring shower to show us what an Anti-Siphon Hose Bibb is! Come join us on another AJF Adventure!

The GFCI Explained

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