Meet The AJF Team

Paul Furman

Paul Furman, as co-owner of AJF Engineering & Inspections and a licensed Professional Engineer for over 30 years, has trained many inspectors in Home, Commercial and Termite Inspections.  His high standards and tough “Boot Camp” are well respected.  Paul has personally inspected over 10,000 residential and commercial properties from coast to coast.

Paul is a degreed engineer from Virginia Tech and is licensed in both Arizona and Pennsylvania.  Prior to moving to Arizona, Paul owned an inspection and environmental company in Pennsylvania. He also spent years in construction and in the nuclear power industry.  Paul was born in Waltham, Massachusetts, and went to high school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but is an “army brat” who has lived around the world.

When not inspecting, Paul can be found at the gym, golfing, skiing, or watching football (or any other sport).

Licensed Professional Engineer #30703, AZ BTR License #38094
OPM QP License #30151, OPM Termite License #051009

Sharon Wolf-Furman

Sharon, co-owner of AJF Engineering & Inspections, relocated to Arizona from Philadelphia in 1996 where she was president and co-owner of an Environmental and Home Inspection Company. Upon relocating to Scottsdale, Sharon and Paul created AJF Engineering & Inspections and have been leading the home inspection market ever since. Sharon has strong marketing skills and a drive for community involvement. Her former career was in the television industry in programming, marketing and research.  She is a graduate of George Washington University with a Communications and Psychology degree.  Sharon’s hobbies include the arts, reading, wine, entertaining and of course, her family, friends and dogs.

Ross Baudhuin

Ross has been with AJF Engineering & Inspections since 2003 and has completed thousands of residential and commercial inspections. Ross is the field supervisor who assists Paul with “Inspector Training Boot Camp” and uses his talents in customer service.

Ross was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but has lived in Arizona off and on since 1968. Prior to becoming a home inspector, Ross served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, owned a remodel business and had been an operations manager for a pharmaceutical company.  When not working, Ross enjoys hunting with a bow, fishing and baseball, especially with his family.

AZ BTR License #397107, OPM Termite License #051294

Kurtis Nelson

Kurtis has been inspecting homes for 11 years and has completed thousands of residential and commercial inspections.

Kurtis is a true native of Arizona. He was born in Mesa and has lived here his entire life with the exception of the four years he spent traveling with the U.S. Air Force. Prior to becoming a home inspector, Kurtis was a real estate appraiser and a police officer, and he is also a FEMA inspector.  When not working, Kurtis is busy with his family and in his opinion, too many pets.

AZ BTR License #38457, OPM Termite License #60042

Rick Hoffman

Rick has performed over three thousand inspections.  Prior to becoming a home inspector, he was a custom home builder. He was born and raised in California, but in 2005, Rick decided to move to the Phoenix area for the outdoor lifestyle that appeals to him. When not working, you can find him hiking, camping, hunting or riding his motorcycle.

AZ BTR License #49571, OPM Termite License #090761

Joey Aloisio

Joey is an excellent inspector who brought his talent to AJF from Lafayette, Louisiana, where he was a licensed inspector with his own business.  He has completed thousands of residential and commercial inspections.  He had also worked in HVAC and has a business degree from University of Louisiana.  Joey moved to Arizona in January 2009 because he loves the mountains and the outdoor lifestyle. His hobbies include hunting, fishing and riding quads.

AZ BTR License #49811, OPM Termite License #100229

Bruce Stumbo

Bruce has been with the AJF Team since 2012, completing his training and licensing under the guidance of Paul and Ross.  He has completed hundreds of inspections since becoming a home inspector.  Prior to joining AJF Engineering & Inspections, Bruce served four years in the United States Marine Corps and then worked overseas for nearly six years as a contractor for the federal government.  Bruce is an Arizona native and has had family in the state since it was only a territory.  When not inspecting Bruce likes to enjoy all the amazing outdoor activities that Arizona has to offer, his favorites being camping, hiking and hunting with his family.

AZ BTR License #54324, OPM Termite License #130212

Travis Woods

Travis was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Virginia. This is where he gained his love for the outdoors and an interest in custom homes through a family-owned home remodeling company. Prior to becoming a home inspector, Travis was a foreman for a construction company in Northern Georgia. He recently relocated to Phoenix for the vast outdoor activities. When off work, you can find him camping, fishing, riding ATVs and spending time with his family.

AZ BTR License #54705, OPM Termite License #130185


Jeff Hoffman

Born and raised in Minneapolis MN, Jeff spent several years in Virginia Beach, VA working in construction as a foreman for a custom deck builder. He relocated to Arizona in 2002 where he worked as a mortgage banker for 12 years prior to joining the AJF team as a home inspector. Jeff enjoys sports, especially hockey which he plays & coaches. Jeff also enjoys watching his kids play sports, fishing, mountain biking, & spending time with his family.

AZ BTR License #59145, OPM Termite License #150439


Maria Sweitzer

Maria, the glue that holds AJF Engineering & Inspections together, is the voice of the company, our superior scheduler and overseer of the front end of the office.  She has been scheduling inspections all over the valley for more than 5 years.  Born in Fort Hood, Texas, Maria lived most of her life in Michigan. Not a fan of cold weather, she decided to move to Arizona in 2005 where she loves the heat! Prior to working for AJF Engineering & Inspections, Maria spent 20 years in the restaurant business and more recently in the escrow industry. When not at the office, she can be found in her garden or tackling a do-it-yourself project at her house with her dog by her side.


He’s the leader of a pack of four…He’s smart, energetic and friendly but very protective.  Everyone is safer and happier when he is around.




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