Seller Expectations of the Home Inspection

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You are selling your house and finally after six months your house is under contract.  The Home Inspection is scheduled and you are stressed to the max hoping the inspector won’t find too many things wrong with your house.  What can a Seller do to relieve some of the stress and increase the likelihood that the inspection process will have a positive outcome – a sold home?  Here are a few suggestions:
  • Expect a minimum of 2-4 hours for the average home.  General rule of thumb is an hour per 1000 square feet; age and additional equipment (ie. Pool) may add to the time.
  • All utilities including gas, water and electricity should be on.
  • The home inspector will not move furniture, owner possessions, etc. while conducting the inspection.  You should provide easy access (move possessions, remove locks, etc.) to the water heater, attic access, mechanical equipment, electrical panel, garage, etc. If the inspector cannot access all necessary areas, he/she will have to note that they could not be inspected. Typically the  buyer will want the inspector to return to the property and re-inspect the items that were not inspected which could result in a potential delay in moving past the inspection period.
  • Secure all pets.
  • Provide remote controls for ceiling fans, pool equipment, lights, etc.
  • Have your handyman/contractor correct common findings to reduce the potential number of items found by the Home Inspector. Take a look at our Top 10 Inspection Findings to aid you.
  • Many sellers believe that they should attend the inspection to keep an eye on the inspector and make sure he knows where everything is and how to operate it all.  A seasoned Home Inspector will find your water heater, attic access, electrical panel, etc. and know how to operate the various systems in the home.  Bear in the mind that if you attend the inspection, the home inspection can be very emotional and stressful.  The inspector will be operating the A/C, heating system, flushing toilets, opening cabinet doors, and completing a very detailed examination of your home.  You may find the inspection to be an invasion of your personal space and become offended, anxious and not understand why the inspector is doing all these things when you know everything in my house is in working order.  If you attend the inspection, we recommend that you stay out of the inspector’s way and allow the inspector and buyer time together to go over the inspection findings.

The above are recommendations that can be implemented when you have very little time to prepare your home for the Home Inspection.  The preferred method for reducing the stress of the Home Inspection is to complete a Pre-Listing Inspection of your home prior to putting your home on the market for sale.  The Pre-Listing Inspection can identify any issues that you can correct prior to the buyer having their own inspection.  The Pre-Listing Inspection will also dramatically reduce the number of issues found by the buyer’s inspector and affirm that they are buying a home that has been well maintained and cared for.

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