Home Inspection – Buyer Expectations

Buyer ExpectationsYou have searched for months to find the perfect house and finally have an accepted offer to purchase your dream home.  The purchase contract allows you the opportunity to have a home inspection.  Your REALTOR®, friend or bother-in-law has recommended a home inspector who is the best in town.  Here are some expectations for the home inspection process:
  • Inspectors who charge a fee for home inspections must be certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR) and must follow the Arizona Standards of Practice (SOP) – https://btr.az.gov/laws-standards/standards/home-inspectors.  The Arizona SOP require a visual inspection of all the major systems in the home (roofing, plumbing, electrical, structure, mechanical systems, etc.).  The inspection is not a code compliance inspection – this is the responsibility of the city where the home is located.  The inspector is not permitted to move furniture, homeowner possession, or dismantle systems and components.  Accessory and specialized systems & components are not required to be inspected: burglar alarms, cable, telephone, yard irrigation, solar panels, water softeners, RO systems, etc.  The inspector is required to produce a written report for your use.
  • A rule of thumb for how long an inspection should take is 1 hour per thousand square feet plus the time required to explain the inspection results – 2000 sq. ft home should take 2 1/2 hours.  The inspection duration can vary depending on the age & condition of the home.  The inspector will summarize the condition of the home during the inspection wrap up at the end of the inspection.
  • You should attend the inspection to hear first hand from the inspector the condition of the home.  You should let the inspector know your specific concerns with the home.  Inspecting a home is an intense process that requires focus and concentration and it is difficult for the inspector to answer your questions and inspect at the same time.  Although your questions and concerns will be addressed by the inspector, excessive interruptions can have an adverse affect on the inspector’s process and observations.
  • All homes have issues, even new construction.  Do not be alarmed when the inspector finds issues with the home, even though it may have been recently remodeled, and looks perfect to the untrained eye.  Your goal is to determine whether there are any major issues that would require a significant cost to repair/replace (i.e., home needs a new roof) that you can factor into your decision to purchase the home or not.  Bear in mind that the seller may be willing to credit you money or complete major repairs identified by the inspector. Who fixes what is negotiated between the you and the seller based on the inspection report.

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